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  • Address850 S Amphlett Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94402
  • Open HoursMon - Fri: 8 a m - 5 pm


Deserves one star more than all other 5 star car service shops on yelp ! My Audi made a loud noise which seem to come from under it, quite scary on an uneven road. I was out of town when it happened, took it to a recommended “German cars” local mechanic who looked carefully but could not diagnose it. So, I called this place, and although they said they’re busy and booked, they were extremely courteous and agreed to take a look at my car the next morning. Jim was very polite and most of all exceptionally knowledgeable ! After his crew checked that nothing major was broken, he pinpointed the issue (a sway bar bolt was just a tiny bit loose) right away. Jim did not charge anything for this. Audi dealer charges $205/hr for an evaluation, and it may take a couple hours to figure out ! Thanks Jim, awesome customer service ! Definitely, my only place to call from now on when I need car service.

Michelle M. Redwood City, CA

If you own a VW, these are the guys to go to. They helped me fix my VW TDI. Turbo wastegate sensor went out. the dealer wanted $1200. They fixed the wastegate with a part they knew about. Repair cost me $650 and they did it in a day! Jim is the manager and he’s really helpful!

Dave R. Mountain View, CA

We have two unique Audis, a 2003 RS6 and a 2009 Stasis tuned A4. I’ve always been leery of the service departments at the local dealers, and had taken my car to another independent shop now out of business. I just like knowing who is working on my cars, and if I can trust them. The “service adviser” model just does not work for me. With all of the great reviews on Yelp, I made the drive down the peninsula to have some complicated work done on both cars. Without getting into the details, I’ll just say that Jim and Brian know their stuff, are completely honest, probably underbill for the work they do, and stand behind their work 100%. Finding BI is like finding the little restaurant that has been around for years and frequented by loyal customers, yet is below the regular radar. It is a bit of a hassle for us to get the cars there from Palo Alto, but there is no question that we will continue to do so. Honesty combined with competency is rare in this business, and it exists here. I also love the fact that Jim has pictures of his two sons at the front desk, and his wife Tracy works with him as well. They have my business as long as we have cars they will work on.

Hardwin M. Palo Alto, CA

I had to have the coolant reservoir in my car replaced yesterday, so called Burlingame Independent, spoke with Jim’s wife, she said bring it over.  Jim was gone already, but Brian went totally out of his way to help me take care of it.  It was only a $3.95 part, but he took two hours to find it and make sure I was on the road. It’s not easy finding an honest mechanic, but these guys definitely are!! My daughters bring there cars here as well and love them too!!

Joan J. San Mateo, CA

These guys are great!  I will go back for every service I need moving forward.  They provide honest, quick and high quality service and are also very friendly and accommodating.

Kate M. San Francisco, CA

Jim and Burlingame Independent are great ~ talk about service!  My VW Bettle needed a new headlight and I was dreading returning once more to the dealership for the repair.  I decided to take a look on Yelp and I’m so happy I did.  Upon inspection, it was a more in depth fix (prior owner had broken a lever), but Matt  “cleaned up the problem ” and I was on my way.  What a find …. an honest mechanic with great customer service.  My Beetle and I will definitely return!

Lisa F. Foster City, CA

If there was a 6th star I would gladly click on it!  I drove into their shop convinced my transmission was going out in my 1999 Cabrio.  The car refused to shift properly.  Matt sat in the drivers seat, hooked up his computer and within 2 minutes told me the problem should be solved…and it was!!!!  The dealership took my $400 and never solved the problem…..Finally…a place you can take your car knowing the problem will be properly diagnosed and fixed!!!!  Love these guys!

Annaliese C. Burlingame, CA

Matt and Jim have been taking care of my 99 Audi A4 Avant since 2002. Honest, straightforward work plus a good attitude from these guys.  So much better than those clueless crooks at the dealers (Carlsen, Royal, or Stevens Creek). They now have wireless internet in the office, so if you’re only there for a quick oil change you can surf on your laptop while you wait, although the office is very small. They’ll run you over to Caltrain if you want, but most of the time I just walk; it’s a nice 10 minute walk. You can also leave your car there off-hours; they have a lock box for the keys. Jim until recently drove a 96 A4 with 180,000 miles on it. I asked how to make it to 180K on my A4, and he said, “Keep bringing it in to us.”

K. B. San Francisco, CA